Kathleen Marihart

Mixed media, photographic images, collage and acrylic painting.

Big Stone Arts Gallery: 42 2nd St. NW, Ortonville, MN 56278
Kathleen Marihart

Exhibiting at the Big Stone Arts Gallery
320.226.8213 cell, 320.305.9271 cell, 42 2nd St. NW, Ortonville, MN 56278
Downtown Ortonville on 2nd St (Main St) east side of street, across from the Granary Food Co-op.

I have explored many forms of art during my life: sewing, quilting, fiber arts, photography, acrylic painting, collage, as well as mixed media. I am drawn to photographs and the way in which they capture a moment in time. I enjoy combining photographic images with mixed media, as well as experimenting with various forms of artistic expression.
The act of doing art is a form of moving meditation for me.