Rob Rakow

Photography emphasizing the landscape in western Minnesota and eastern South Dakota

66844 State Hwy 7 Odessa, MN 56276
Rob Rakow

Exhibiting at
Club 7-75 Supper Club
66844 State Hwy 7
Odessa, MN 56276

At the junction of Hwy 7 and 75 near Odessa. 14 miles west from Appleton. 8 miles east of Ortonville.

In my photography, I like to experiment with the natural beauty of Western Minnesota with my own interpretation. I find that I am never without subject matter and that capturing the innate sometimes creates a whole new aspect of our landscape. My wife Sally and I live in Odessa, just up the road from where I was raised. We have two grown children. I am currently employed at Pioneer Public Television where I’ve been for 18 years.