Doug Pederson

Scrimshaw, rustic furniture, wood vases, paintings & carving.

7025 Hwy 7 SW, Montevideo, MN 56265
Doug Pederson

Exhibiting at business studio:
Doug’s Trimmings
7025 Hwy 7 SW
Montevideo, MN 56265

From Montevideo: 1/4 mile west on
Hwy 7/59, east side of road.

Father and Son Artisans
One of Doug and Brook’s main goals is to be able to provide, create and offer reusable materials in the form of wood products. Items are made out to f trees, logs, reclaimed lumber, fences and other materials. They want to show what can be made out of wood that usually goes to waste or is thrown away. It is Doug and Brook’s goal to show people how beautiful the odd, bark-edged and underused woods can be and what they can be made into. Doug and Brook operate a tree trimming and tree service which evolved into a sawmill business. Other artisans and woodworkers, as well as Doug and Brook, use lumber and wood from the tree service.
Many projects are a collaboration of the both Brook and Doug. The amount of wood generated from the sawmill gives them more ideas and plans than time to work on them.
Doug Pederson
Doug began his art career in the late 1970's starting with scrimshaw and pencil drawings. These mostly had a wildlife theme. A lot of his time was spent in the woods collecting shed antlers for scrimshaw work and photographing wildlife for reference material. many times he was accompanied by his son, Brook. Over the years, he tried new mediums and types of art. These included pastels, knife making, jewelry making and eventually painting, wood carving and wood working.
Brook Pederson
Brook began doing art and woodworking in the late 1990's. He enjoys making rustic furniture. He also does European skull mounts and plaques. New ideas for him include jewelry making, wood signs, making longboards, and skull and wood sculptures.