Kristi Link Fernholz

Fine art photographs of the native prairie and rural beauty.

408 N 4th St, Milan, MN 56262
Kristi Link Fernholz

Exhibiting at:
Milan Community Center
408 N 4th St
Milan, MN 56262

From Hwy 40, take 4th Street north, one
block on left. On the south end of the
Old Milan School.

Artist Address: 3476 271st Ave, Appleton, MN 56208

Kristi Link Fernholz lives on an organic farm in western Minnesota, tucked away in the tall grass prairie along the old bank of the great River Warren, now a ridge in the Minnesota River valley. She finds the camera to be a way to connect with the world around her. Kristi started taking photos with her mom in grade school and continued exploring B&W photography and darkroom work through college where she received a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Minnesota, Duluth in 1998. She takes photos of the native prairie plants, the farm life and of her children.