Deborah Moorse

Fused glass, functional serveware and wall art

323 West Schlieman Ave, Appleton, MN 56208
Deborah Moorse


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Deb will not be set up for the 2018 Meander. Look for her in 2019!

Artist contact information:
9208 Archer Lane North
Maple Grove, MN 55311

Creating fused glass art is a process of selecting glass in varied textures, color, and patterns and designing the art piece. The designed glass is placed in a glass kiln, heated to the liquid stage, and slowly cooled, creating a flat piece of the combined glass pieces. The next stage is the bending or slumping phase, where the glass is placed on a mold, to bend or slump into the desired shape, bowl, plate or tray.
Deborah Moorse works with functional serveware, and create bowls, plates, platters, and cheese trays, as well as some wall or window art. She started working with glass 35 years ago, primarily working in stained glass. Eight years ago, Deborah began taking fusing classes and now work with 2 glass kilns in creating varied types of fused glass art. She was recently featured on Pioneer Public TV's Postcards program. For her, the experience of creating with different types of glass, including flat glass, textured glass, iridized glass, stringers, and embellishments allow for a great opportunity to be expressive and provide a unique and usable product for people.
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