Deb Connolly

Colorful watercolor, pastel, encaustic paintings. Cards and sandblasted bottles.

840 Hwy 12 SW, Danvers, MN 56231
Deb Connolly

Exhibiting at home studio:
840 Hwy 12 SW
Danvers, MN 56231

North side of Hwy 12 near Danvers.

Deb Connolly lives in the rural community of Danvers, MN where her home studio is surrounded by trees and prairie. These plus everyday objects provide the inspiration for her landscape and still life paintings. Deb enjoys seeing the pencil lines of the starting sketch and the mingling of color and broken texture in her final work. Watercolor and pastel are her favored mediums and are often used in the same paintings. Encaustic is a new art form that she has recently discovered. Deb paints cheerful pieces that use color and texture in a fun expressive way.