Gene Stukel

Landscape photography of the Minnesota River Valley & beyond

738 10th St, Granite Falls, MN 56241
Gene Stukel

Exhbiting at:
F&M Insurance Building, Upper Level
702 Prentice St.
Granite Falls, MN 56241

Doorway to upper level of F&M Insurance Bldg is adjacent to Granite Falls Bank on corner of Prentice and 7th Ave.

Gene Stukel was born and raised on the edge of the Boundary Waters in northeastern Minnesota and spent considerable time in the woods fishing, hunting and camping. He saw many great scenes but did not take any photographs. Eventually, Gene purchased a 35mm camera and started taking scenery photographs and developed an interest in capturing landscape scenes. He had an opportunity to take a National Geographic editor/photographer on a canoe trip for 6 days into the Boundary Waters that created more interest in landscape photography.

2018 will be Gene’s 10th year participating in the Meander Art Crawl. He has repeat customers who are looking for specific types of images and that helps him look for new perspectives on familiar subjects. Gene also knows that he has to capture new images to stay fresh. He has photography friends who road-trip with him and they enjoy the challenge of looking for new or interesting subjects. Gene and his wife Helen like to travel and camp, giving Gene additional opportunities to photograph.

Some of his images are created because he knows that in twenty years the landscape may change or disappear. Other images are taken to show areas that few people encounter or show a different perspective of the landscape.