Edie Barrett

Mixed Media artist, writer, and poet who celebrates life on the prairie through image and word.

Big Stone Arts Gallery: 42 2nd St. NW, Ortonville, MN 56278
Edie Barrett

Exhibiting at:
The Guest House
133 Pacific Ave, Ortonville

Cell: 320.305.9271

At the north end of 2nd St NW (main street). Turn left on Pacific Ave, house is on the corner. Street parking only!

Edie Barrett’s artistic life has emerged in partnership with ecological, social awareness and responsibility. It is not possible for her to compartmentalize these; nor would she want to.
Edie perceives art as a vehicle of self-exploration and the intersection of art and activism fascinates her. She believes if one is receptive to an artistic experience this will allow for one to step outside the realm of logical thought, which tends to be linear. When one surrenders oneself to be altered visually and/or auditorily through nature and art forms, one steps into the spiral of imagination. It is in this specific hallowed ground that transformation occurs. All of Edie’s artistic expressions reflect an authentic process of her Individuation, an exploration of her creativity, and her commitment to "Other." Other being defined as plants, sea life, animals, and humans.
In 2011, Edie returned to Minnesota after living in Santa Barbara, California, for twenty-six years. A year prior to leaving Santa Barbara, she became obsessed with making nest sculptures in eggs. At one point, she had so many sculptures she didn’t know where to put them all. So, she made an appointment with a gallery, staged a show in the back of her Jeep, opened the trunk, and the rest is history, so to speak.
Symbolically, eggs have a wide range of meaning from the full moon, to Christian associations. For Edie, they represent a phase of transformation in life. For a bird, breaking out of a shell is perhaps the most stressful and chaotic day in its life. What once was a safe haven, and a necessary protection, becomes a death trap, if the bird does not successfully emerge. Edie felt this way about her life in Santa Barbara: a long-term marriage, a professional life, a valued circle of friends, a home, and the community at large. Engaging in this specific form of transformational art helped her to “break free” from a life that was no longer a healthy and viable option.
Once Edie moved to Ortonville, she didn’t know if she would still feel called towards the image of the egg. When she re-created my studio here, Edie found a tremendous reverence and gratitude with this specific form of expression. For all of us, we must go through phases of our life that are stressful and chaotic, and from that place emerges a new life. It is Edie’s hope to capture some of that profound beauty.
Edie is a lifelong artist and writer and a Jungian. The Jungian perspective has had a profound impact in both her personal and creative life. Examples of her artistic expression include: performing her work on stage, writing poetry and fiction, and designing a formal spiral rose garden on the campus of Pacifica Graduate Institute, in Santa Barbara, California. Edie has also designed jewelry using semi precious gems and antique charms. Both my jewelry designs and nest sculptures were carried in Santa Barbara galleries.
Contact Information: 741 Highland Hwy Ortonville, MN 56278