Patty Kolke

Lamps, clocks, wall, hangings, picture/recipe card holders.

223 E. Schlieman Ave., Appleton, MN 56208
Patty Kolke

Exhibiting at home studio:
Artistic Instruments
223 E. Schlieman Ave.
Appleton, MN 56208

From Hwy 59, take Schlieman Ave. east until Gaulke St., on northeast corner of Schlieman & Gaulke.

Patty Kolke grew up on a farm in Garfield, Minnesota. She Attended Jefferson Senior High School in Alexandria, Minnesota and later went on to Fergus Falls Community College. She worked at E. Arthur Brown Company in Garfield for 10 years before moving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2012 to be with her husband Corey. She worked for Sanford Health in Sioux Falls before quitting to start growing her business called Artistic Instruments, LLC. Artistic instruments was started in 2014 in her basement and grew into a LLC in 2016. She now works out of her shop in Rowena, South Dakota. Last summer Patty and Corey purchased a home in Appleton, Minnesota where Corey grew up. They have been fixing it up to be able to come to Appleton and enjoy being close to family and friends again! They are so happy to now be a part of the Appleton Community.

She likes to think that her creativeness came out when she met her husband. She felt like she didn’t have the time to reach that part of herself until she met Corey. He is a very creative person like his mother DeVaughn Kolke and his siblings. Maybe its DeVaughn that is helping her mind create different musical works of art. Some days she looks at an instrument for hours until something sparks an idea. Its so fun to have the calmness of creating. The hours can fly by when your mind just goes. Its such a great feeling and release.

Patty not only creates music for your eyes but also is involved with the Christian Woman’s Connection. She has told her story in many different cities. She hopes this will help others find their creative pathway. She also attends craft shows and has a booth in a store where she sells her lamps and different pieces and accessories. She has been able to spread her work all through the United States by selling her pieces on Etsy, an online retail center.

Every piece she makes has a different story to be told. Maybe its who played the instrument, what the instrument went through and where it has been or the memory it holds to someone. She has people send her their instruments that they or a family member has once played to turn it into a useful memory piece that no longer sits in the back of the closet.

Patty hopes that her work will help others find passion and excitement in music. Music impacts everyone on some level in their life. Hopefully this is a fun and unique way for people to share the love for music.