Neva Foster

Watercolor florals, landscapes, & abstracts.

435 Otto Ave, Ortonville, MN 56278
Neva Foster

Exhibiting at:
Red Barn
35131 760th Ave
Ortonville, MN 56278

Through Ortonville Main Street on Hwy 7 up Lakeroad, 6 mi to Cty Rd 38, right up hill, 1st left on 760th Ave. 1/2 mile to Red Barn.

Neva Foster has been painting for 10 years. Watercolor is her favorite medium but has added collage to the watercolor to get a unique painting in recent years. Neva paints nature and creates nature prints in watercolor and acrylic with some fun results. The last class she took was sponsored by SMAHC and in Chinese watercolor. Neva hopes to do more in the future with Chinese pigments & ink. She teaches some Community Ed classes and has been showing her grandkids how to paint. They all can start to paint at age 2 (an age Neva can get them to not eat the paints!).