Don Sherman

Handmade paper art from local and traditional plant fiber. Papermaking workshop on site.

118 3rd Street SE, Ortonville, MN 56278
Don Sherman

Exhibiting at:
Listening Stones Farm
333166 770th Ave
Ortonville, MN 56278

From Ortonville: 6.7 mi N on Hwy 7, then 2.1 miles N on Cty Rd 9.
From Hwy 75: 4 mi W of St. Pauli Church on Hwy 75, then 1/4 mil S.

The Bonanza Education Center is a beautiful setting for hosting my latest art project, Return To The Good Farm. Getting to Bonanza from nearby Meander sites can be a thrilling entry for my exhibit. As you make the drive, you’ll see dramatic views of the natural prairie, close ups of Big Stone Lake and hillside overlooks of expansive, colorful space.
This year, I’ve been reorganizing years of my work into updated portfolios. This seems to be the time to reexamine how my tools and patterns of learning have evolved and matured. I am switching my focus from the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge, The Whetstone River and Northridge Residence back to my farm that was a subject for me years ago. The farm is located on Highway 7 on the way to Bonanza.
Using the farm as a pop-up studio, I am continuing to learn more about how a sense of history, geology and conservation of this habitat can be communicated through basic art elements and present-day art media. Some early works from the around the farm will be included in the exhibit to complement the 2018 Meander entries of drawings, paintings, mixed media and sculptural pieces.
Don has owned an art and photography studio in Ortonville for over 30 years. He sold his studio and now works from his home mostly with mixed media. Much of his work can be seen at He also mentors high school/College Now art teachers in Minnesota as they provide accredited college level courses through Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Mn.